Break Time Blogging

It’s erie. I can hear the My Little Pony movie in the background. I can actually hear the patter of the dog’s paws as he runs across the laps of the kids sitting on the couch. But that’s all I hear. This is NOT normal; not in my house. Maybe if I was home alone, but not with a full house.

Have they finally hit the age, where they really can just sit down and watch a movie in peace? Can they really enjoy each other’s company? Is it possible for them to be in the same room and not torture each other? Is it possible for me to actually get some work done, without constant interruption? 

There’s one rubbing my leg, awww – he’s so sweet. He’s such a cuddle bug. Wait, now another one is trying to climb on my lap. Maybe he just wants to snuggle too. I LOVE them, they’re so sweet. But, there’s no room – I’m working. I can’t reach laptop. Wait, I hear growling. He is playing WAY too rough with the puppy. He’s going to get bit.

“I’m hungry. Can I have a snack?” 

“Leave him alone!” I holler. “No snacks until Daddy comes home.” “PLEASE stop – you’re going to rip his teeth out!” I yell as he tugs harder on the chew toy.

“He’s going to bite you. Stop!”

Alright – enough. Break over. Back to work

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