The honeymoon has come to an end.

It was inevitable, I knew it. The pure joy of living a Lyme-less, symptom-free life would only be temporary. As quickly as the relief came, it was gone just as fast. I could literally feel the infection/bacteria/disease (whatever it is that causes the symptoms) slowly flaring back up. A subtle hint of a head ache, a minor ache in my back or jaw . . . but nothing alarming. Then with the ZING of a shooting pain in my head – it was back. Lyme Life: the agonizing back pain, that can only be described as back labor; the constant jaw pain that runs from one side of my face to the other; the intense sensitivity of my teeth; sharp pain that shoots through my shoulder; heavy sinus pressure accompanied by disgustingly thick nasal drip; bizarre vision problems that make it difficult to read; extreme sensitivity to light and sound that makes it very difficult to life with four children –  let alone be a good mom;  random stinging in my big toe, that was described by another Lymie as 30 bees stinging your toe at once; flu like full body aches and of course extreme exhaustion.

Life in the LYME Light! Yay! So much fun. As heart breaking as it was to feel all of these symptoms coming back one by one, there was some relief in knowing that in two weeks, I’ll once again have temporary relief in Lyme-Free La-la Lisa Land. Until then, I will do my best not to whine and complain yet be thankful that I was aware of my symptoms at a very early stage in the Lyme game. And unlike a lot of Lymies, I have a husband that not only believes my random aches and pains, but is willing to do whatever it takes to make me healthy again. Now my heart breaks, because every time he complains of an achy back, or having the feeling of being hit by a truck, I panic and worry that I have passed this awful disease to him. Although the CDC states that Lyme can not be sexually transmitted, there are studies that state otherwise . . .  a debate in the Lyme world? No kidding?

Another positive thing that has come from this experience, is that it has forced me to follow up in many areas of my life that I have slacked off on. Due to the HUGE umbrella of symptoms, Lyme has forced me to see a new dentist to rule out TMJ or root canal, an ear nose & throat specialist to rule out sinus infection, and tonight I see a new eye doctor to rule out any vision issues. I’m kind of excited, because if nothing else, I’ll be rocking some cool new glasses 🙂

Proverbs 17:22


A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

So, through the twitches, spasm and tears I will do my best to stay joyful and thankful for the Lyme Life that I have.

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