This is my headline. (It’s been a rough week)


Well, it has. I’m a Christian, I can’t lie.

It’s been a rough week and instead of spending time to trying to come up with a catchy headline that ties into the bible verse or the inspirational thought that I’m hoping pops in my brain as I’m typing, I decided to just go with it. I officially finished my third month of treatment last week. The plan was to have my check up AFTER I finished treatment to see how I felt once the antibiotics were out of my system. Well, considering the headline, I’m pretty sure we can all agree that it’s not over yet. The fat lady is not singing. And believe me, when I’m cured I will be singing from the mountain tops. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know . . . I’m not fat, I’m just squishy and comfy now.

So, in two days I go back to my Lyme Literate doctor to find out my fate (not my real fate, we know what that is – AMEN!) but rather the fate of the little brats that are destroying my body. Will they put me on another month or two of the oral combination antibiotic pill popping routine that I’ve come to hate? Or will it be time to hook me up to a constant flow of antibiotics? Either way it sucks. Yes hubby, I said it again  . . . it sucks!

But what doesn’t suck is having friends and family by my side through this journey in the deep, dark valley. My valley girls are right there for me, giving me the courage and support I need, to understand that I’m not perfect. No one on this earth is perfect, now, ever has been, or ever will be except Jesus. So, I can stop being so rough on myself, expecting to be the light and the ray of sunshine glorifying God in every little step. It’s okay to FEEL the pain and the suffering for what it is . . . .  a flare up of a brutal disease. It doesn’t make me a bad Christian for focusing on myself, while I struggle . . . . as long as I let the spirit lead me, and go back to what’s most important – the word of God.

As long as I continue to do that, it’s okay to have a bad day or a bad week. I will not put so much pressure on myself – yet I will take each day, each hour, each moment as it comes – good, bad or indifferent. And when all is said and done, I will come out on top of this Lyme Mountain that is in my way right now, and the fat lady will be SINGING PRAISE TO GOD!


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