The hidden dangers inside pizza crust

It looked & smelled so good. The big, soft, warm, doughy pizza crust. Just one little bite . . .  how bad could it be. I’ve been gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free for a month now. I still don’t completely understand it. What gluten is. Why it’s bad for your body. Why it has to be in EVERYTHING that I like. But it doesn’t matter. I don’t need to understand. I just have to keep away from it. And I have been . . .  until I snuck a piece a pizza crust.


It’s not the first time I cheated. I drank a cherry coke my first week into the diet and quickly realized that my sweet carbonated caffeine friend was the the trigger to my first migraine in over a week. It’s been easy not to sneak soda since. It’s not worth the pain.

I’ve said it time and time again, we have convenient memories. I didn’t learn from the cherry coke incident and now I sit here in agony with pain shooting from my shoulder up to my ear. All because of a piece of pizza crust. I have no idea, I’m sure someone who’s’ done the research could explain what sort of processed crap was in the pizza and how my body reacted to it and why since eating it, I feel incredibly Lymie. I don’t get it – but I don’t have to. I just have to learn my lesson and stay away.

One month ago, I saw a nutritionist who specializes in treating Lyme disease. She “cured” herself of Lyme disease and she also “cured” her daughter of Autism. When I heard that, I was ready to listen . . .  and do whatever she said. We decided to stop my antibiotic treatment and focus on my diet and rest. The con’s of the antibiotics started to outweigh the pro’s of killing the little lymie bugs. But now I had to do everything for me – which meant I couldn’t do ANYTHING for me. I was officially on bed rest. Hubby has to once again take care of everything.

Since going gluten, dairy and sugar free I’ve decided to take an even more holistic approach to my Lyme treatment. I’m now considering essential oils as well as hydro therapy. I don’t know anything about either — except that I’ve heard how wonderfully they treat Lyme disease. So, I’m willing to try.

I don’t have the energy to research them, so feel free to post any feedback on either 🙂

Stupid pizza crust. Once I realized that I started having a reaction to the crust, I ran upstairs and took a steamy epson salt bath. I lit a candle to create a nice spa like ambiance, but the light flickering from the candle was like sensory overload…. I had to pull the wool hat down over my eyes. Yes, you read that right. I was told to wear a wool, winter hat during my epson salt baths to trap the heat. Between the boots in the tanning bed and the hat in the tub, I must look like a confused eskimo.

“Pain is my friend.” I remember watching Under Our Skin and hearing one of the girls say that when you have Lyme disease pain becomes your friend. If you can’t beat them, join them . . . I guess it’s the same theory. But pain is not my friend. I hate it. I want to kill it. I want to kill every stupid tiny spec of Lyme and every other co-infection in my body. And I’m willing to do whatever it takes to do it. Even if that means giving up brownie sundaes, mocha lattes, cherry cokes and even stuffed crust pizza.

As a chocoholic and a coffee addict, I can say that there is no way possible I’ve done this on my own. God has been involved every step of the way and He will continue to guide me. Whether it’s to essential oils or hydro therapy or both, I know HIS way is the only way.