Let the magic begin – Dr. Fantasia!

0609151746 I had my first treatment at the Cherry Hill Clinic today. I sat with Dr. Molly for a few minutes to discuss my file (my overwhelming file that had been sent from my original Lyme doctor). During my consultation, Dr. Molly assured me that she could help and that although my body needed a complete “oil change” I would feel like a new person when I was finished my ten-week course of treatment. I was super excited to hear this! When you read time and time again that there is no cure for a disease that has debilitated you for years, it’s overwhelming when someone finally steps up and says, I CAN HELP YOU!

Dr. Molly (Amalia) Fantasia, PhD, is a leader in the field of health care, health care management, ambulatory healthcare and nutraceutical medicine. Acknowledged by chemists, bioengineers, geneticists, physicians and health care administrators alike, Dr, Fantasia has pio- neered many of the preventive and integrative medical practices being standardized and inte- grated into traditional and primary health care today. I fell in love with Dr. Molly the minute I met with her! Her genuine spirit is the first thing you will notice about her. From minute one, I knew that she was going to do everything she could to help me get better. As first appointments typically go, you expect a quick consultation, then a prescription for a boat load of blood work, wait weeks for results to come back, then eventually setting an appointment to start treatments. Today was much different! After my consultation, Dr. Molly asked when I wanted to get started and I exclaimed, “Immediately!” and she said, “Okay! Tuesday is our late day. Come back after work and we’ll get you started!” I was shocked! Same day service – that’s unheard of!
I went back to work, finished out the rest of my day anxiously awaiting my first treatment. When I walked through the front doors of the clinic at 5:00 pm, I was immediately greeted by her staff, “Hi Lisa, I’m Linda. Come on back!” What, I don’t have to sign in? I don’t have to give you my name? You know who I am and what I’m doing here? Oh, and I forgot to mention that when we discussed when we’d start, I had to admit that I didn’t have my checkbook with me, so I couldn’t pay. That wasn’t an issue either! Dr. Molly’s last name isn’t Fantasia by accident! She makes you feel like you’re in a magical Disney movie, in a world where people are loving and kind . . .where customer service is more important that protocol. It truly was a magical experience. “I hope you brought me good veins,” says Linda. Yikes, my veins are terrible. I have “rolling” veins that are very challenging to find. But, to my surprise, she was able to find a vein in my hand and very easily set up the IV. Not a pinch, not a sting . . . nothing! This truly was becoming a Disney movie!
Scene Two: we go back to the IV therapy room. Similar to a dialysis room, there are a lot of chairs with IV stands lining the wall, with a TV for everyone to watch. But this room was different. Dr. Molly sat right in the middle of the group. Not doing Doctor type things – but just sitting there. Talking. She had just finished telling the other patients a little bit about me and my Lyme battle.  Then she introduced me to each patient, like they were a long time friend of hers. I sat in the chair, Linda hooked up my fluids and I chatted with the other patients about everything from Gluten-free diets to adopting a Bernese Mountain Dog. The next thing I knew, the IV was removed and I was headed home.
So, the burning question . . .  did it work? 1)  I’m blogging! That’s one step in the right direction. I’ve been MIA for several months. 2)  It’s 10:19 pm and I’m awake and functioning (that in itself is a mini miracle) 3) I feel something . . . I can’t quite put my finger on it. I still feel very lymie (back ache, joint pain, consistent dull headache) but I have a spark of energy I haven’t had in a very long time.
It’s funny, I’ve gotten so used to being “sick” that it’s become my New Normal. It wasn’t until I actually did the math the other day, that I realized that I’ve been battling with Lyme Disease and my co-infections for almost two years now. I kept focusing on how blessed I was to get a diagnosis within six months, and I never really thought about how much time has gone by since starting various treatments. It’s not until I look at my husband and see his exhaustion that I realize how incredibly long two years is.
The movie Fantasia was Disney’s boldest experiment to date. It brought life to his vision of blending animated imagery with classical music – that’s Dr. Molly Fantasia! She brings her patients back to life with her therapeutic treatments! I am so incredibly thankful to God for His plan, for putting my hubby in the right place at the right time, to learn about the Cherry Hill Clinic. I’m thankful that I have to the opportunity to come back to a job that I love and just happens to be right down the street from the clinic that God has led me to. I know it’s HIS work. I just had to be patient and wait for all the pieces of HIS plan to fall into place. And now that HE has put Dr. Molly is our lives, I know the magic will begin!

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