Traffic changed my life

Well, maybe it didn’t CHANGE my life – but it has definitely changed my outlook on life. Ever since I started focusing on the sky above me, instead of the cars surrounding me on the highway, my attitude has changed. Instead of being impatient about how slow I’m moving, I’m thankful for the quiet time I have and I soak in the beauty around me.

20151014_155507 (1)

The other day, while on my way home from work, I found myself searching for more clouds – there just weren’t enough. I looked to the right and there were giant clouds of all shapes and sizes. But as I turned to the left . . .  nothing. It seemed like God had completely forgotten about the other side of the sky.

Then I turned the corner, looked up and realized God hadn’t forgotten it at all – I just couldn’t see it. Although my minivan windshield seems huge to me, it only reveals a very small part of the sky at a time. That’s how God works in our lives. I don’t know about you, but when the going gets tough, I tend to whine about how rough my life is and forget that this particular trial that I’m in, is just a teensy, tiny part of His entire plan – not only for my life – but for everyone around me.

My Lyme journey has not only impacted me and my family, but God is using this trial in my life to reach so many other. I’m so honored that God is using me – even if it’s through a sickness – to help others.

So, the next time life throws you a curve ball – whether it’s something as minor as a traffic jam on Monday morning or as devastating as losing a loved one – remember that you’re only seeing things through your eyes (or your windshield). Only God can see the big picture. And the good news is that He loves you. And your picture, although you may not realize it, is picture perfect!


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