Your Whole World Changes – In The Blink of an Eye

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We’re so spoiled. We have the most beautiful view of the sunset.  All I have to do is look out my backdoor to enjoy these breath-taking scenes. The other day, I grabbed my phone and snapped away; taking picture after picture. Little did I know, until I scrolled through my pics that the sky was changing right before my eyes.

It was kind of cool, when I looked back and saw the drastic changes that took place in just seconds. Although the pictures looked much different than I thought they would -they were still beautiful. It’s kind of like life. Life is constantly changing, whether you realize it or not.  And whether you want it to or not.

I don’t blog much about the Alzheimer’s in the Lyme, Autism, Alzheimer’s OH MY blog – mostly because I like to pretend that it’s not there. I’m the Denial Champ! I don’t think that it’s 100% intentional. I just know that you can make the best, most detailed plans ever and God has a way of snatching your plan from your hands and giving you His revised edition. So, I’m more of a “go with the flow” kind of girl.

I know HIS revised plan for my mom’s life is perfect. I don’t doubt that. I’ve accepted it. I even think that of all the illnesses that she could have gotten – this really was the perfect one for her.  But I just don’t like seeing the effects of it. Which leads me to the change that is happening in my life, right before my very eyes. My parents are moving next week. Big deal, you say?! It’s a big deal for us. When I moved 15 minutes away from where I grew up, my friends and family alienated me like I was moving across the globe! Now my parents are going to be THREE HOURS away – by plane! So, it’s a bit of an adjustment.

Three years ago, I tried to move four hours away (by plane) and just as quickly as things fell into place when we started this process – everything started to fall apart before our eyes. The job, the house, the plane tickets – nothing was going as planned. But that’s when mom was diagnosed. So, I knew I was supposed to be here for her. Now, she’s leaving.


But as I sit here, drowning my sorrows in my dairy free coconut milk – wanna be ice cream; I know that no matter how hard I try to plan out my life and even my parents lives – that my plans could never compare to what God has in store for us. Just like I would have no idea how to blend all those colors, creating that beautiful sunset He shares with us every night. He knows best.

Whether your life is going exactly how you planned, or you feel like you’re stuck in a snow-globe that someone is shaking vigorously – give your life to God and you’ll never look back. (Well, maybe you will look back a few times to admire the work He’s done!)


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