Kicking Back at Life and Lyme!

I’m staring at the clock as the minutes tick by. I’ve made up my mind. I’m ready. I want to do this now! But, I can’t get off the phone in time; then as I’m headed to the group ex-studio I’m pulled into a meeting. I look up and it’s now 11:00 am. Group Fight is now half over! But 30 minutes is better than 0 minutes right? YES, the glass is always half full!

So, I strap on my shoes and jump into the class. Everyone is already dripping with sweat and raring to go. I attempt to start kicking and punching at 100% when I realize I haven’t even warmed up yet. So, I take it back a few notches; get my heart beat up a bit; then go hard core!

Shuffling to the left, with a big old side kick – KIYA! There’s nothing better than kickboxing therapy, especially after a rough week. Not only was it my “bad week” in my Lyme Cycle, it was also the week my parents sold my childhood home and scurried off to Florida to be with the rest of the seniors.

Luckily for me, Dr. Molly at the Cherry Hill Clinic was there for me. Needing two treatments this week, she hooked me up with my Lyme Juice (that had extra magnesium for my headaches) and a big old shot for some much-needed energy. Thanks to Dr. Molly, I was able to hold my own for those 30 minutes today.

Life (and Lyme) have a way of knocking you down, so you have to take it upon yourself to decide that NOW is the time to act. That you’re not going to sit back and wallow in self-pity. Yes, we all have struggles and some days are harder than other. But, I’m reminded of my favorite song: Just Be Held, by Casting Crowns. It says:

Hold it all together; everybody needs you strong.
But life hits you out of nowhere and barely leaves you holding on.
And when you’re tired of fighting; chained by your control.
There’s freedom in surrender; lay it down and let it go.
So when you’re on your knees and answers seem so far away.
You’re not alone stop holding on and just be held.
Your word’s not falling apart; it’s falling into place.
I’m on throne stop holding on and just be held.

So, whatever life has thrown at you – whether it’s been a rough day, rough hour, or even a rough year – God is making beauty from the ashes that have fallen. In time, you’ll understand. Give it to HIM; no matter what it is. You will never know true joy until you fully surrender everything to HIM.

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