The Greatest Gift You Can Receive


There are only a few hours left. I’m crossing things off the ever growing list, double checking to make sure we haven’t forgotten anyone, running out for extra tape and wrapping paper, finishing up last minute baking, trying not to get caught up in the materialism that has overtaken this holiday.

Imagine your friends and family have thrown you an amazing birthday party. The house is decked out with lifesize pictures of you, balloons and decorations everywhere, and they’ve even written songs about you! You peek through the window, it seems as though everyone is having a blast. Enjoying your food, drinking your wine, and even opening your presents – as you watch from a far. You’re now standing at the door, just waiting for them to open it. They are celebrating your birthday  . . .  and they forgot to invite you.

That’s basically what we do with Jesus. We’re supposed to be celebrating his birth. The fact that He was born to DIE for us, so that we can live eternally in heaven; but we’re so busy with the nonsense of it all that we not only forget to acknowledge the guest of honor – but we don’t even invite Him to the party.

Whatever you do this Christmas however, you chose to celebrate – please remember Jesus. It’s not just about bringing him into the holiday – HE IS the holiday. And He’s standing at the door of your heart, just waiting for you to invite Him in. The greatest gift you can give yourself this year is the gift of Jesus. He’s already paid the price. He’s just waiting for you to open the gift.

This Christmas, open the gift of Jesus to your heart. Surrender to Him. Give Him your life and you will never regret it.

Merry Christmas! Good will and peace to you all.

In Jesus’ Name, AMEN

xoxox ~ lisa

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