Who Will Rescue You?


Sunday night, I heard screams coming from the front of the house. Matthew was locked in the bathroom. I jiggled the door handle a little bit, got it open and boom – he was free. I went in after him, closed the door behind me and tested the knob once again. Only this time, I couldn’t get the door to open. The kids ran around the house panicking, even volunteering to kick the door down to rescue me.

Mommy was stuck in the bathroom! Daddy was at the store! You would have thought the sky was falling! “I’ll kick down the door,” one of them yells!   “No, let me do it!”  I heard from behind the door. “No one is kicking anything down,” I said. I instructed them to go into the family room, put on the TV and watch America’s Funniest Videos (which by the way may air our “Mac & Cheese Eating Cat” video in the next few weeks!) and patiently wait for Daddy.

As the kids panicked about what to do next, I plopped down on the floor, opened up the cabinet door and took out my nail polish container. “I could get used to this,” I thought, as I filed my nails. No one can disturb me, I have everything I need right here . . . . I see no dilemma.

About 15 minutes later, the car pulls up in the driveway and hear the rustle of bags. My Prince was here to rescue me! The kids bombarded daddy the second he walked in the door. “Mommy’s stuck in the bathroom! We need to kick down the door!”

He chuckled and reassured them that he would get me out, without kicking the door down. As he passed by the bathroom, he yells out, “You don’t mind if I eat first, do you?” Always the jokester! But to his surprise, I responded, “Take your time. I’m good”

A few minutes later, Hubby appeared with his tool kit and before I could finish my second coat of polish, he had removed the door knob and rescued me from my tower just like Shrek and Fiona.

What was interesting about this whole scenario was seeing how frantic the kids became. Yet, I was completely calm and relaxed (even without my happy pills). It reminded me that as Christians, we can be like that. When life doesn’t go exactly as planned, sometimes we jump and react without thinking things through – we need an answer now – so we kick the door down. But in reality, we just kicked a perfectly good door off the hinges, when all we needed was to adjust the knob a little. Waste of money, resources, and energy!

So, the next time life throws a curveball at you, instead of trying to kick down the door, for an instant solution, take your time. Seek out your true Prince, Jesus. He will always save you. Whether you’re stuck in a rut or in an addiction, He can get you out. He’s in the business of saving people 🙂


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