Snuggle Time

It’s sometimes known as the “cuddle hormone” or the “love hormone,” because it’s released when people snuggle up or bond socially. It’s also been called the bliss hormone due to its effects on behavior and

I’ve been taking Oxytocin (no, not Oxycontin!) for about two months now and it has changed my life!  For a girl who just stopped her anti-depressant medication after six years, Oxytocin has been a life saver!

Unlike your typical anti-depressant, it doesn’t chemically change your brain. It’s a natural boost of love! Other patients at the Cherry Hill Clinic have described it as, “The feeling you get when your kids run up and give you a big hug!”

I find myself snuggling up to my kids more often; being more affectionate to my husband; seeing joy in situations that may sometimes be stressful (Mary Had a Little Lamb over and over again from a first-year saxophone player).

Whether you need a little love in  your life, or maybe you’re just curious and want to learn more, Dr. Molly from the Cherry Hill Clinic will be on Talk Radio 1210 this Sunday, answering your questions. If you’re in the Philadelphia area, be sure to tune into 1210 AM this Sunday at 8:00 am. Oxytocin might just be the boost you need! Couldn’t we all use a little more love in our lives?


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