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Driving along, minding their own business, looking forward to hanging out with their family – the lives of Sylvia and Nate were about to be changed forever. With only the small frame of her Jeep Wrangler to protect them, they were T-boned by a tractor trailer going 55 miles per hour. The force of the impact caused, a broken hip, two punctured lungs, a ruptured spleen, two concussions, bleeding on the brain and the list goes on.

Sylvia was airlifted to Jefferson Hospital where she stayed in critical care for almost three weeks. It’s all quite a blur for Sylvia, but what she does remember is the lack of answers. The lack of communication among her medical team of various doctors and specialists. Not knowing what was going to happen next.

Dr. Molly, Ph.D. founder, and director of the Cherry Hill Clinic was a regular at the restaurant Sylvia worked at. When Dr. Molly learned of Sylvia’s terrible accident, she reached out to the family to help.  Let’s stop there for a minute. Meditate on that for a moment. This is just the tip of the genuine compassion iceberg found at her clinic.

Dr. Molly sent for Sylvia’s records and began to put all of the many pieces together.Sorting through the pages and pages of medical history she was able to put together a plan. . .  a road to recovery. Sylvia was transferred to a rehabilitation center where she spent another week. Sylvia was prescribed a laundry list of medication to help her simply get through the day, but the side-effects of the medication that out-weighed the benefits. And as a single mom of a special needs child, Sylvia knew she couldn’t take all of the drugs that were prescribed to her. She began to see Dr. Molly once a week for holistic/all natural IV treatments. Sylvia started to see improvement almost immediately.

One year later, Sylvia is now going to the gym with her son, walking daily and even considering going back to work. Although she still suffers from the lack of mobility, dizziness, stiffness and just the ability to move like she used to – Sylvia is surprising everyone, especially her doctors!

“I just went to see my spine doctor. I still have a herniated disk between by shoulder blades. When he asked if I was taking my pain medication, I told him no and he shook his head in disbelief. He couldn’t believe I wasn’t taking anything for the pain,” explained Sylvia. Everyone who knows her is blown away when they see how far she has come. Although, it’s hard to get the medical field to accept her progress because of the connection of homeopathic medicine.

“Dr. Molly became my saint during a very dark time. I couldn’t get a straight answer from anyone.” At her last Neurologist appointment, the doctor spent most of their time together looking at the x-ray and not talking to Sylvia. Even thoughSylvia still gets dizzy, and light headed because those symptoms are not related to a brain injury, her time with him was done. Case closed. Come back next year for a follow-up.

That is simply not the case at Dr. Molly’s clinic. What makes Dr. Molly different from the rest of her field is her patience and willingness to listen. “You can’t tell doctors anything… they already know everything! But Dr. Molly will sit and listen for hours and she gives input when needed, but never tries to step on other’s doctor’s toes.  It’s nice to have alternatives,” says Sylvia.

When you come to the Cherry Hill Clinic it’s more like a therapy session than a treatment center. You can sit and listen to the stories of all of the patients around you. “During my first visit, I was still not quite ‘with it’ in the head. So, I just sat back and listened to all of the stories of the patients around me. It helped me to realize that no matter what I was going through, someone else was going through their own trial. It helped me to keep a positive attitude,” Sylvia explained.

“I believe in being in tune with your body… if you know your body, Dr. Molly can help make sense of things that are going on. She helps make it all a little bit clearer but stays true to nature. She prescribes a lot of homeopathic items to help with my symptoms. It’s a shame that we live in a world that is all about prescriptions.”

We all struggle with medical issues, whether large or small. But what you may not know is that you do have options. There is more than one way to tackle the medical issue that you suffer from. It’s time for you to be your own advocate. Not all of us will have a Dr. Molly coming to our place of work, following up on us. Sometimes you have to take that first step. Trust your gut. Ask those hard questions, get that second opinion or seek alternative therapies.

If you’re in the South Jersey area, and you’re considering a homeopathic treatment whether for something as serious as cancer or a minor as allergies, call Dr. Molly. Get a FREE consultation with a doctor who will actually listen and provide more than one solution.