I wish I had a Life . . . (instead of Lyme)

It’s a Friday night. I just left the hair salon and instead of going out to dinner with the hubby, or hanging out with friends, showing off my new do, I’m on the couch, in the dark. The dimmed light of the laptop is the only light I can tolerate (which honestly is still too bright for me). Unless you have Lyme or some other auto-immune disease that runs a muck on your body, you don’t understand the intense pain that a simple trip to the hair salon can cause. I LOVE getting my hair done . . . the pampering, having someone else wash your hair and massage your scalp, the blowdrying . . . so relaxing (at least it used to be).  Tonight, I cringed with every foil that was gently placed and folded near my ear. The crinkling of the foil was like cymbals crashing against my head. As I type my wrists ache from the position of my hands on the keyboard. My back aches from sitting in the salon chair. I don’t write these things to complain. I write them to educate people on the on-going fight so many of us face with Lyme Disease.

I don’t look sick, do I?

lisa alberta

But my body is screaming right now. Everything affects my physical condition. What I eat, what I drink, how much sleep I get, how stressful my day is, if there is a change in the weather . . .  everything. But as I’m typing this, a message pops up on my phone. The subject line of the email is “The Good News is still good.”  What a timely reminder. Yes, Lyme Disease sucks . . . . but God is still good.

I had to take a break from writing tonight because the light from the laptop became too intense. So, I listened to Dr. Molly’s latest radio show. To my surprise, she mentioned my case. She talked about how Lyme Disease is a journey and a rough one at that. I have to remind myself of that. I have so many good days (which is a wonderful thing!) that sometimes these not-so-good days really knock me down, mentally and physically. But all I have to do is listen to her and remember how far I’ve come and thank God for my amazing support system, a husband who picks up my slack even when he’s down and out.

So, here’s to hoping for a date night out with the hubby after my next trip to the salon! But even if that’s not what God has planned for me, a quiet night at home snuggling on the couch doesn’t sound so bad either.

If your life isn’t turning out quite how you planned, just know that it may not be what you had in mind, but Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that it IS what God has planned . . .

download (1)

And if that plan includes any sort of health issue, and you’re in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area – you really should consider scheduling a complimentary consultation with Dr. Molly. Take a few minutes, listen to this show . . .  you might be surprised that there are Godly physicians, who actually advocate for you and help fight your condition with God’s ingredients. Check it out!





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