If you google symptoms of Lyme disease, you will find that when you compare the lists on various site, they may not be exactly the same.  This is because (just like with Autism) for each individual, the symptoms are unique. Once I read, “If you know one person with Autism; you know ONE person with Autism.” No two are alike. Even my boys, who were in the womb together, raised together, ate the same food – they have the same diagnosis, but COMPLETELY different symptoms.

For me, this is what I suffer from:

– Headaches (which I’m guessing are migraines, because I’ve never had such intense pain)
– Dizziness (getting up too quickly)
– Lack of balance (if I’m squatting down to get something, I tend to fall over – not normal for an ex-gymnast!)
– Eye/vision issues (I have a hard time looking at my work now – especially if I’ve highlighted something – it’s overwhelming)
– Jaw and tooth pain (as if I need to see a dentist,  sometimes dull, sometimes sharp & shooting, teeth sensitivity)
– neck, shoulder, back, leg pain (muscular, flu like pain)
– wrist, knee, ankle (joint pain, arthritic pain)
– sensitivity to sound and light
– heart palpitations
– muscle spams (seem to be getting more frequent and more noticeable – feeling a bit like Michael J. Fox -it’s all good!)
– foot pain (on the bottom of my right foot)
– numb toe (strangest thing ever! only my third toe on my right foot – it goes completely numb – randomly!)
– tingling sensation on hands and arms
– extreme exhaustion (never wanting to do anything – and getting fatigued after doing any small task)
– sensation of hot or burning skin (almost feels like extreme dry skin that goes untreated in the winter – yet it’s not warm or dry to the touch)

I’m sure there are more, but those are the ones that come to my mind as I do a quick head to toe evaluation. The bottom line is that I thought I had the flu. I felt like I got hit by a truck. And it never went away. I still feel that way, and almost everyday I get a new symptom, or the symptoms I have get worse. But then . . .  there are some days when I have little or no symptoms and I feel almost back to normal. Which I think, is why so many people second guess themselves and don’t “argue” or confront their doctors, because it’s not consistent. Therefore we lose our confidence in ourselves and what we’ve been experiencing.

But, believe me. This is real. I’ve gone through some intense stuff in my life: abscessed ovarian cysts, in vitro fertilization, severe ovarian hyper stimulation, miscarriage, triplet pregnancy, post traumatic stress syndrome, depression . . .  I’ve been through quite a bit mentally and physically. And Lyme disease (if that is what I have) is no joke. These symptoms are real and they are starting to affect my everyday life. I’m not just laid up on the couch after work “taking it easy” after a long day; or having “lazy Sundays” at home every weekend. I’m sitting at my desk, watching my legs and arms twitch as I type. I have to close my eyes and look away from the work I’m trying to edit. And this is just a few months into this journey. How bad will it get? Will I even be able to work? How bad will you let your symptoms get before you do something? That’s why it’s so important to get answers. Educate yourself – don’t just be content with the first diagnosis or lack of diagnosis you get.

Psalms 107:20 He sent out his word and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction

The Lord has already delivered me from my destruction . . .  my sinful past. This is just a tool he has given me. A way to educate others, not only on the dangers of Lyme – but about HIM. For that, I am thankful.



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